Get to Know #MyMadeInKE: Celebrating Kenyan Creativity


Tattooing has evolved significantly in recent years, moving away from basic designs and toward more customized and meaningful compositions. This transition has given rise to the #MyMadeInke movement, in which people seek tattoos that reflect their own personalities, experiences, and goals. In this article, we will define all the important things about #mymadelnke. 

What Does #MyMadeInKE Stand For?

#MyMadeInKE is more than just a hashtag. It’s a shout-out for quality and community spirit. It includes a diverse range of products, from handcrafted handicrafts to locally produced food, all created by Kenyan craftsmen and small business owners. When you purchase these items, you are not only buying but also contributing to the growth of the entire community.

Boosting the Local Economy

Buying a product with the #MyMadeInKE tag means you’re not just purchasing—it’s also an investment in the community. This kind of shopping helps small businesses expand, creates jobs, and strengthens the community’s economy, making it more dynamic and stable.

Promoting Sustainability

Many #MyMadeInKE goods are crafted with sustainability in mind, using local resources which lowers their environmental impact. Choosing these products supports a healthier planet.

Success Stories Under #MyMadeInKE

Many Kenyan entrepreneurs have found success and inspiration through #MyMadeInKE. From organic farmers to traditional artisans, the movement is making a big impact.

Spotlight: Kitui Basket Weavers

Consider the women basket weavers in Kitui County. They’ve turned traditional basket weaving into a source of income and international acclaim by selling their work under the #MyMadeInKE tag. Their success not only supports their families but also keeps Kenyan cultural traditions alive.

How to Support #MyMadeInKE

Getting involved with #MyMadeInKE is easy and makes a big difference. Here are the key points to note.

  1. Choose Native: The major concern is to choose and get local goods. Whether you need food, clothes, or something for the house, go for items tagged with #MyMadeInKE.
  2. Spread the Word: Use social media to talk about your favorite local products. Post photos and stories using the #MyMadeInKE hashtag to get more eyes on these products.
  3. Roaming Community Market: Used to visit the local district bazars and markets to find the local artists. 

Looking Ahead for #MyMadeInKE

The #MyMadeInKE movement is gaining momentum, with more people and businesses getting involved every day. Digital platforms make it easier to promote local products, which helps the movement grow stronger. As more people learn about and join #MyMadeInKE, its impact on Kenya’s economy and environment continues to expand.

The Future of #Mymadeinke

Digital Revolution
The internet era has opened up new prospects for Kenyan craftspeople. They may immediately contact worldwide audiences through e-commerce platforms, social media, and virtual exhibits. This digital change will enable more craftsmen to promote their work and establish sustainable companies.

Collaborative Networks
Building a strong network is critical to the #mymadeinke movement’s success. Government agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and commercial groups can work together to provide craftsmen with financing, training, and mentorship. This collaborative approach will strengthen the movement and assure its long-term success.


#MyMadeInKE is more than just buying local—it’s about building a better future for Kenya by supporting sustainable development and cultural preservation. By backing this movement, we all contribute to a more prosperous community. Let’s keep supporting our local makers and ensure that #MyMadeInKE thrives long into the future.
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What is #mymadeinke?

#mymadeinke is a movement that emphasizes personal creation and authenticity, allowing individuals to showcase their unique creations, from art and crafts to digital content and more.

How can individuals participate in #mymadeinke?

To join #mymadeinke, simply use the hashtag when sharing your inspired creations on social media.

Is #mymadeinke only for professional artists?

No, #mymadeinke is inclusive of everyone. #mymadeinke is a global movement that celebrates creativity .

Can overseas customers purchase #mymadeinke products?

Yes, many Kenyan firms and craftsmen sell their products online and ship internationally. Global markets frequently include Kenyan-made products, increasing their accessibility.

What obstacles do Kenyan craftsmen confront today?

Artisans frequently face challenges such as market competitiveness, financial availability, and computer literacy. Overcoming these challenges needs collaboration and help from a variety of parties.

How can I help the #mymadeinke movement?

Support artists directly by buying their items, sharing them on social media, and lobbying for fair trade. Volunteering with local non-governmental organizations and promoting the movement’s beliefs can also have an impact.

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