You’ll find elegant, comfortable, and art-filled rooms as soon as you enter. The Andre Hakkak House provides all the information you require on fine architecture and well-considered design, whether of your interest in real estate or just your general curiosity about famous people’s residences. Every room in the house has a narrative to tell and is intended to inspire and excite guests. Visit our page to learn more about Morgan Wallen House.

Situated on a 2-acre property, the $14 million Andre Hakkak mansion spans 17,215 square feet. There are nine baths and six bedrooms.

Who is Andre Hakkak:

Andre Hakkak was born in January 1970. Andre Hakkak is the Co-founder and CEO of White Oak Global Advisors, a global investment management firm with over $10 billion in assets. White Oak supports small to medium-sized businesses with various financing solutions and has financed over 20,000 SMEs in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. His wife, Marissa Shipman, has made her mark in the beauty industry with the Balm Cosmetics, a company renowned for its high-quality makeup products.

Andre is dedicated to reducing the global carbon footprint and has led initiatives in solar energy financing and plant-based plastics. Previously, he founded Alpine Global and Suisse Global Investments and started his career in investment banking. In his free time, Andre enjoys scuba diving, wake-surfing, mountain biking, and tennis. He holds a BS in Finance and Marketing from UC Berkeley. Andre Hakkak estimated net worth is $200 Million.

Andre Hakkak House:

Andre Hakkak House located at 8950 Arvida Drive, Coral Gables, is a stunning example of luxurious living. Nestled in one of Florida’s most prestigious neighborhoods, this mansion epitomizes elegance and sophistication. Coral Gables is renowned for its beautiful architecture, lush landscapes, and exclusive high-end properties, making it a perfect location for such a magnificent home. He purchased this house in $14 Million.

The mansion itself spans an impressive 9,890 square feet, seamlessly blending modern and classic architectural elements. This combination creates a timeless aesthetic that is both stylish and inviting. Inside, the property features expansive living areas, characterized by their high ceilings and abundant natural light. Large windows throughout the house not only enhance the airy and open feel but also offer breathtaking views of the surrounding area.

Every aspect of this mansion is designed to exude luxury and comfort, from its spacious rooms to its carefully crafted details. The home’s design ensures that each room flows effortlessly into the next, creating a cohesive and harmonious living space. Whether for entertaining guests or enjoying quiet family time, Andre Hakkak’s mansion provides an ideal setting for an unparalleled lifestyle.

Interior of House:

As soon as you step inside this beautiful mansion, you will feel a perfect mix of comfort and style. Every corner is elegant and sophisticated, with details that tell their own stories. The home is equipped with modern technology for convenience and entertainment, including home theater systems, infinity pools, luxurious spa bathrooms, and home automation.

The interiors of Andre Hakkak house reflect the personalities of its owners. Andre is a creative businessperson who values both style and practicality, while Marissa Shipman, a successful entrepreneur and beauty expert, finds balance through yoga. Their combined efforts have created a home that embodies their shared values.

This mansion is not just a stunning living space; it is also environmentally friendly. It features eco-friendly technologies like solar power and water conservation systems and has landscape designs that reduce water use and lower its carbon footprint. This home represents both luxury and sustainability

Exterior of House:

The exterior of Andre Hakkak house is a stunning blend of aesthetic elegance and innovative design. From the breathtaking foyer to the fluid arrangement of living spaces, the home offers a seamless indoor-outdoor transition.

Floor-to-ceiling windows beautifully integrate nature into the living space, creating an immersive environment connected to the surrounding natural landscape. The meticulously manicured green scenery adds harmony and serenity, enhancing the home’s remarkable appeal.

Andre Hakkak house features a luxurious ambiance paired with cutting-edge technology to elevate the living experience. Smart home automation systems and integrated audio-visual equipment are thoughtfully designed to balance beauty and functionality.

Art and decor add to the home’s elegant charm, with contemporary sculptures and classic paintings adorning the walls. Each piece of art tells a unique story about the family’s journey and aspirations, serving as a constant reminder of their dedication to excellence and sustainable living practices.


In conclusion, the Andre Hakkak House is a true embodiment of luxury, elegance, and sustainability. Nestled in the prestigious Coral Gables neighborhood, this mansion seamlessly blends modern and classic architectural elements, creating a timeless and inviting aesthetic. Inside, every detail is meticulously crafted to reflect the personalities and values of its owners, Andre Hakkak and Marissa Shipman, showcasing their commitment to style, practicality, and environmental consciousness. With its expansive living areas, cutting-edge technology, and eco-friendly features, the Andre Hakkak House not only provides an unparalleled living experience but also serves as a testament to the harmonious integration of luxury and sustainability.

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