Since the day Grace Pauline Kelley was born, she has been in the spotlight. Do you know why? This starkid is the daughter of country music icon Wynonna Judd. Because of his status as a successful businessman, he married one of the world’s most decorated female country music singers. Consequently, Arch Kelley III became an internet sensation owing to the popularity of his singer-wife.Though their union has dissolved, interest in Kelley persists, prompting inquiries about his current endeavors. Below, we delve into pertinent details about his life.

Grace Pauline Kelley Early Life and Education

Grace Pauline is a Starkid as she was born in the celebrity family, daughter of Wynonna Jude and Arch Kelley III.

She was born on June 21, 1996. She is an American belonging to mixed ethnicity. In 2022, she turned 26 years old. She was raised alongside her elder brother Elijah Judd. Again, Grace Pauline Kelley is the lovely granddaughter of another country music icon, Naomi Judd. Naomi Judd, the famous country icon, died on April 30, 2022, aged 75. Grace Pauline never revealed much about her academic qualifications. We know that she attended a local school and completed her basic studies. Unfortunately, we do not have any factual data on what she pursued later.

Arch Kelley iii Biography

Arch Kelley III’s biography and profile summary Full name Arch Brown Kelley Gender Male Date of birth 23rd March 1931 Age 91 years of age (as of 2022) Zodiac sign Virgo Place of birth Dickson County, Tennessee, United States of America Nationality American Ethnicity White Hair colour Blond Eye colour Dark brown Sexuality Straight Religion Christianity Father Arch Kelley Snr Mother Pearl Potts Siblings 2 Marital status Divorced Ex-wife Wynonna Judd Children 2 Profession Businessman and entrepreneur Net worth $2 million.


Kelley always keeps details of his works and doings to himself, making it challenging to know or predict the kind of entrepreneur he is. It also makes it challenging to determine the type of businesses he engages in. However, one obvious thing is that Arch Kelley III’s profession is successful, given his earnings, assets, and net worth. 

Grace Pauline Kelley: What Happened to Her?

For the past couple of years, it was pretty hard for Pauline Kelley to stay out of trouble. And she has been put behind bars several times.

It all started in 2016 when Pauline Kelley was caught and charged with meth or methamphetamine manufacture, sale, and delivery of meth in Maury County and Williamson County.

At Williamson County Court, she was found guilty of the charges and was given a year of imprisonment, or 11 months and 29 days, to be exact. The imprisonment sentence was on trial after she spent 30 days or a month behind bars.

Not just this, the legal woes of Wynonna Judd’s troubled daughter continued to intensify even more. In 2018, after she violated probation, she was given eight-year imprisonment by the West Tennessee State Penitentiary. And luckily, she was granted bail and freed from imprisonment in November 2019.

Arch Kelley iii Age

As of January 2024, Elijah Judd stands at 29 years old, having entered the world on December 23, 1994. His astrological sign aligns with Capricorn.

Arch Kelley III: Children

Arch is the father of two children. Similarly, Arch and his wife, Judd, welcomed one daughter and son.

Their first son, Elijah Judd, on December 23, 1994, in Nashville. Grace Pauline Kelley is their second child, born on June 21, 1996.

Arch Kelley III: What happened to her daughter?

Pauline was sentenced to 8 years in prison for violating her probation period in June 2018. Grace pleaded guilty to possession, manufacturing, and distribution of methamphetamines, a potent central nervous system stimulant mainly used as a recreational drug and less commonly as a second-line treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and obesity.

Grace Pauline Kelley’s Net Worth

According to trusted sources, Grace is speculated to have a net worth of around 200k to 300k dollars.

While her mother, Wynonna Judd, earns a good sum of money from her shows. And her mom is expected to have a net worth of 15 million to 20 million dollars.

Unknown Facts about Grace Pauline Kelley

Here are some unknown facts about Grace Pauline Kelley:

  • Grace’s legal trouble kept on intensifying with time
  • She was held guilty of meth manufacture, sale, delivery, and possession with intent
  • Grace is currently serving her sentence at Johnson Rehabilitation Center
  • She has two stepdads, Cactus Moser and Michael C. Ciminella
  • Grace pleaded guilty and was ordered to spend eight years in prison by the Tennessee board
  • Arch Kelley was Wynonna Judd’s first husband
  • She also has a sister named Ashley Judd, who happens to be a pretty famous actress

Legacy and Impact

Arch Kelley III, Wynonna Judd’s first husband, had a significant influence on her life and career. From the tornado Curve Kelley III, Wynonna Judd’s most memorable spouse, affected her life and vocation. From their whirlwind romance to their eventual breakup, his presence had a lasting effect on her story and resonated with audiences worldwide. Despite the fact that they just hung out, the center of their romantic tale lives on and fills in as a moving sign of the enduring force of certified affection.that followed to their possible farewell party, his presence left a persevering through engrave on her story, reverberating with crowds all over. Even though they only spent a short amount of time together, the core of their love story lives on and serves as a moving reminder of the lasting power of genuine affection.

Considering the ups and downs of his excursion, Curve Kelley III does as such with a significant feeling of appreciation and modesty. In spite of experiencing various difficulties and misfortunes en route, he rose up out of affliction more grounded and stronger than previously. From the thrill of recently discovered love to the misery of partition, he encountered life’s bunch feelings, collecting significant insight as time passes. As he looks towards the skyline, he does as such with reestablished assurance, ready to embrace anything the future might hold.

When Arch Kelley III looks back on his path, he does it with a deep feeling of humility and thankfulness for everything that he has experienced. He overcame many obstacles and disappointments along the road, yet he came out of hardship stronger and more resilient than before. He felt all the emotions of life, from the thrill of a new love to the pain of being apart, and he learned priceless lessons from each encounter. He is ready to welcome whatever the future may bring as he looks out to the horizon with newfound resolve.


Early Life and Family: Arch Kelley III was born on March 23, 1952, in Dickson, Tennessee, USA. He grew up in a supportive family environment with his parents, Arch Kelley Sr. and Pearl Potts, along with his sisters, Lean and Claudia Kelley.

Career: While specific details about his career remain undisclosed, Arch Kelley III is recognized as a successful businessman and entrepreneur. His ventures are characterized by sharp business acumen and an enterprising spirit.

Marriage to Wynonna Judd: Arch Kelley III gained public recognition through his marriage to country music sensation Wynonna Judd. The couple tied the knot in 1993 and welcomed two children, Elijah Judd and Grace Pauline Kelley, before divorcing in 1998.

Children: Arch Kelley III and Wynonna Judd are the parents of two children, Elijah Judd and Grace Pauline Kelley. Despite the challenges of their relationship and subsequent divorce, they remained committed to providing a loving and nurturing environment for their children.

Current Whereabouts and Net Worth: As of now, Arch Kelley III resides in Tennessee, USA. Reports suggest his net worth is approximately $2 million, primarily stemming from his business ventures.


Curve Kelley III, brought into the world in 1952 in Dickson, Tennessee, is famous for his previous union with down home music symbol Wynonna Judd. In spite of the disintegration of their association in 1998, Kelley stays a figure of interest, with his fruitful vocation in business adding to his public profile. His childhood in a strong family climate and his enterprising undertakings have formed his excursion. With two kids from his union with Judd, Kelley keeps on exploring existence with versatility and assurance, keeping a relentless obligation to his family and expert pursuits.


What is Arch Kelley III’s occupation?

Arch Kelley III is a businessman and entrepreneur, although specific details about his career ventures remain undisclosed.

How many children does Arch Kelley III have?

Arch Kelley III has two children, Elijah Judd and Grace Pauline Kelley, from his marriage to Wynonna Judd.

Where is Arch Kelley III from?

Arch Kelley III was born in Dickson, Tennessee, USA, in 1952.

What is Arch Kelley III’s net worth?

Reports suggest that Arch Kelley III’s net worth is approximately $2 million, primarily derived from his business endeavors.

When did Arch Kelley III divorce Wynonna Judd?

Arch Kelley III and Wynonna Judd divorced in 1998 after being married for five years.

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