Located within the stunning 52-acre Pioneer Park, the St. George Narrows, also known as the Pioneer Park Narrows, are a must-see attraction. This popular park is renowned for its fascinating rock formations, with the Narrows being a highlight for visitors.

How to Begin Your Adventure

Start your journey by parking along the one-way paved park loop. The entrance to the narrows is located just beyond the far end of the loop. The opening is wide enough for everyone to fit through comfortably, and there is even a bolted climbing route on the wall. As you proceed deeper into the narrows, the passage begins to narrow.

Journey Through the Johnson Canyon Trail

The Johnson Canyon Trail, although short at approximately 1.8 miles roundtrip, offers a rewarding experience. Situated at the entrance to Snow Canyon State Park, this relatively easy hike features beautiful red rock walls, black lava flows, and abundant greenery.

Exploring the St. George Narrows

Right in the heart of Pioneer Park, the St. George Narrows, often referred to as “the crack” or “the little narrows,” await exploration. This single trail guides you through increasingly narrow canyon walls, ultimately becoming just over nine inches wide. While children can easily navigate this hike, adults might find it a tight squeeze. This trail, perfect for the whole family, sees relatively little traffic. Let’s delve into the details to ensure you hike the St. George Narrows trail with confidence.


The Unique Location of Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park is not your typical park with playgrounds and grassy fields, but it offers a unique desert experience just outside St. George. This park is an excellent destination during a family vacation to Southern Utah, featuring access to red rock formations, hiking, climbing opportunities, and stunning views of the St. George valley. The St. George Narrows can be found near the center of the park, starting at the Red Hills Desert Garden. Follow the signs to the Pioneer Park Narrows.

Discovering the Petrified Dunes Trail

Snow Canyon State Park, often overshadowed by Utah’s “Mighty 5” National Parks, is a hidden gem worth visiting. The Petrified Dunes Trail, a short 1.2-mile roundtrip hike, offers the freedom to explore the dunes at your leisure, making it a fantastic experience.

The St. George Narrows Hiking Experience

The entire hike is less than a mile, making it ideal for those who prefer shorter adventures. Starting at the wide canyon opening, you can hike alongside bolted climbing routes, often frequented by climbers. As you progress, the canyon walls close in, creating a narrow passage near the beginning. If you navigate this section successfully, the rest of the trail will be a breeze. Upon reaching the end, you can either hike back through the narrow section or climb out of the canyon. From there, return to the trailhead and explore more unique attractions in Pioneer Park.

Ideal Times to Hike the St. George Narrows

One of the great aspects of this hike is its year-round accessibility. The canyon walls provide ample shade, making it a great escape from the summer heat while enjoying the red rock scenery. However, avoid hiking on rainy days, as even small slot canyons can fill with water, posing a significant danger. Always check the weather forecast before hiking in Southern Utah to stay safe.

Preparing for Your Hike in St. George

While the Pioneer Park Narrows is an easy trail, preparation is key. There is no water available at the trailhead, so bring plenty of water with you. Even though the trail is short, the heat can be intense, so be prepared.

The Excitement of Hiking The Narrows in Zion National Park

Hiking The Narrows in Zion National Park had been a long-time goal, and the winter trip finally provided the opportunity. Renting dry suits from Zion Adventure Co. was essential to stay warm, as the hike involves wading through the Virgin River. Water levels vary, so checking weather conditions and alerts is crucial to avoid the dangers of flash floods.

Essentials for an Enjoyable Hike

Bring sunscreen to protect against the strong St. George sun, and consider packing a lunch or snacks for a picnic. With these supplies, you’re ready for an unforgettable day in the Pioneer Park Narrows.

Exploring Nearby Attractions in Pioneer Park

After completing the St. George Narrows, explore other attractions in Pioneer Park. Visit the Red Hills Desert Garden, hike Dixie Rock, check out the Boy Scout Cave, or see the rock arch at the top of the park. These activities, combined with the park’s unique caves and rock formations, make for a full day of adventure.

st george narrows nearby attractions

Final Thoughts on the St. George Narrows

The St. George Narrows in Pioneer Park offer a fantastic way to experience Utah’s beautiful landscape with minimal effort, making it perfect for families year-round. For more fun activities in Southern Utah, check out our blog, and if you need a place to stay, explore our featured St. George properties.

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